Home Made Mask from Dog Potty Pad

An Interlake resident has shared a great way to make a home made medical mask using something dog loves might already have at home – a puppy pad.

Heather Ladoski says she has found a way to make four masks from a single puppy pad. While she isn’t an expert on filtering she has had a couple friends look at the design. They think the mask would be rated between an N70 and N80 mask. That certainly isn’t the same quality as an N95 facemask but its far better than just wearing a scarf which rates as low as N20 or below.

The puppy pad mask has a host of benefits compared to other home made ideas:

  • You can breathe easily through it.
  • Same colour as blue hospital masks, plastic on one side makes it splash guarded as opposed to all cloth.
  • Filter on the side closest to your face.
  • The all cloth bandana masks may allow too much air and not enough filtration.
  • This mask will sit snug up to your eyes, and under the chin.

To make the mask, start by cutting a dog pad into quarters.

Then fold each quarter like an accordion with about 1 inch folds. Then put an elastic band at each end. Fold over the edge of the accordion and staple to trap the band in the mask.

Once you have the bands attached, open up the accordion folds so it starts to look like a mask. Its now ready to wear as a way to help protect others and yourself.

The completed mask covers your face well. It extends from just below your eyes to below your chin.

Heather says the masks are very economical. A standard box of puppy pads contains 150 sheets. That is enough to make 600 masks. She’s hoping that a health inspector or mask expert will take a look at the mask design and see if it does a better job than some of the other recommendations.

If you’re an expert in masks – we’d like to hear your thoughts about Heather’s design. Call us at 877-734-5701 or email news@cj07radio.com

Meanwhile – if you make some masks from puppy pads, we would love to see the finished results and hear how well they work for you. Do get in touch.